CQR Science & Validation

The Science

Over 50 years of research and engineering have provided the scientific knowledge and data that combined to ultimately create this device and its associated measurement protocols. The device and its scientifically proven algorithms precisely measure cellular condition that has been correlated with grade, shelf life, time on ice, FDA and Torry equivalence scores and can even detect whether the product has ever been frozen. The CQR is manufactured by our ISO13485 partner and has been adapted from a class II FDA medical device.

Third Party Validation

The CQR device has been independently validated by the Oregon State University Seafood Laboratory (March 2015) and found to be highly correlated with FDA and Torry sensory scores. To learn more about this study, click here to download the PDF.

Get the

From fishermen to processors and retailers to restauranteurs, seafood buyers, shippers and sellers across the country and around the world are discovering the power to differentiate their business with Certified Quality Seafood.  Get in touch with our team today and find out how to get your own CQR device so you can get your Certified Quality Seafood products in front of your buyers as quickly as possible.