What is Certified Quality Seafood?

Certified Quality Seafood is the way for smart seafood purveyors and processors verify the quality of the seafood products they buy and certify the quality of the seafood they sell. It’s the combination of a simple, easy-to-use, handheld measurement tool, the analysis of the data it gives you, and the promise that our certification program’s seal offers both you and your consumers.

Meet the CQR!

A hand-held device that can instantly, accurately, and objectively measure the quality of seafood.

The CQR is the first scientifically proven method for measuring the freshness of a product in the real-world conditions on trawlers, tenders, processing facilities, loading docks, retail centers and professional kitchens. Every professional in the seafood supply chain can benefit from using the CQR and our certification program to determine quality on delivery, improve their inventory management and quality controls, and use the Certified Quality seal to signal the value  of their product to their buyers. When you know what the CQR knows, there’s no need for guesswork or estimation.

Make better business decisions

SEA_CQFOODS_DISPLAY_RAINBOW TROUT_WEB_SMMillions of dollars are spent every year in the name of quality assurance. Throughout the seafood industry, people make crucial buying, sorting, processing, inventory and even marketing and sales decisions using subjective product assessment methods like touch, appearance and odor. With the CQR you can instantly see an objective measurement of your seafood quality. Then use our cloud-based data analysis suite to identify profit saving opportunities. And as a participant in our certification program, you’ll be able to mark your product as “Certified Quality Seafood” to put your buyers at ease.

The CQR is currently in use on fishing boats, in processing facilities, in retail operations, and in commercial kitchens across America.

Get the

From fishermen to processors and retailers to restauranteurs, seafood buyers, shippers and sellers across the country and around the world are discovering the power to differentiate their business with Certified Quality Seafood.  Get in touch with our team today and find out how to get your own CQR device so you can get your Certified Quality Seafood products in front of your buyers as quickly as possible.

The Science of the CQR

Decades of scientific research, seafood industry expertise and biomedical engineering experience have combined to create the CQR, our testing protocols and the simple, repeatable process for determining the quality of seafood. Learn more about the science behind the CQR and the validation study performed by Oregon State University.

About Seafood Analytics and CQ Foods, Inc.

We deliver objective, reliable, and instantaneous quality measurements. Seafood Analytics, part of the CQ Foods, Inc. family of companies, is an advanced technology, implementation and certification company that develops and manufactures hand-held analyzers that are used, in accordance with our training and certification protocols, to objectively measure seafood quality. The cellular measurements are used to describe the quality and freshness of the seafood. Currently being implemented in the operations of several major national grocery chains and in some of the largest restaurant chains in the US, Seafood Analytics products and programs help seafood, retail and restaurant companies demonstrate and verify quality, make better inventory management and logistical decisions, and identify supply chain and operational value improvement opportunities.