Certified Quality Suppliers

Certified Quality Seafood is more than a company or a process, it’s a movement in the seafood industry. It’s a growing family of companies, of professional fishermen, processors, retailers and purveyors, all dedicated to delivering the greatest possible quality of seafood products to their customers.

When you participate in the Certified Quality Seafood program, you get more than a device and a data analysis suite, you get the ability to know that the product you’re holding will meet your strict quality requirements.

Beyond verification and value protection – The CQ Seal

For those businesses that understand the value of being able to state that their product is of the highest quality, we offer the Certified Quality Seafood seal of approval.  After some simple training and a short certification process, program participants are allowed to mark their products as Certified Quality Seafood as a means of telling their consumer that they have scientifically proven that this product will last as long as promised.

  • Verify Quality

    CQ Suppliers use the CQR to verify quality of the products as they acquire them.

  • Hone Internal Processes

    Use the CQR and your data analysis suite to easily see where your processing and sorting practices are strong or need extra attention.

  • Certify Your Products

    Use the Certified Quality Seafood Seal on your packaging and product labeling as a signal to your customers that this product is of the exact quality they require (or better!).

Featured Certified Quality Vendor

Taku River Reds

Taku River Reds is one of the newest members of the Certified Quality Seafood family. Currently using the CQR as a part of their own rigorous QA/QC program to insure that they are delivering the highest quality fish to their customers.

Get the

From fishermen to processors and retailers to restauranteurs, seafood buyers, shippers and sellers across the country and around the world are discovering the power to differentiate their business with Certified Quality Seafood.  Get in touch with our team today and find out how to get your own CQR device so you can get your Certified Quality Seafood products in front of your buyers as quickly as possible.

Certified Quality Foods is currently working on our “Certified Quality Vendors” directory. Anticipated launch of fourth quarter, 2019.